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Food Tour Schedule

Welcome to our current list of upcoming food tours.  Most tours consist of a demonstration and meal.  Click on the appropriate tix.com "purchase tickets" button in order to purchase tickets online.  Tour capacities vary by venue.

If you have any questions about any tour, please email us.  If you would like to blog or write a review about any of your experiences on any food tour, please email it and include your name and the tour.  If your dining establishment would like to participate in this program, please email us or contact us at 401-724-2200.

Check back to this page for the latest listings, or submit your email at the bottom to receive information about new or upcoming tours.

All tours are 6 - 8 pm unless otherwise indicated.

All tours are 6 - 8 pm unless otherwise indicated.
All tours are 6 - 8 pm unless otherwise noted.

April 16th  CANCELLED

Thai Time
98 Pascoag Main St., Pascoag RI

Demo: Crab Rangoon
Meal: Appetizers followed by a meal choice of Fire Pad Thai or a Fried Rice Dish

April 23

1800 Mendon Rd. Cumberland, RI

Demo: How to make Gnocchi
Meal: Arancini Rice Balls, Piadina Flat Bread, Gnocchi

April 30th

River Falls Restaurant
74 South Main Street, Woonsocket, RI

Demo: Cinnamon Rolls
Meal: Ma Glockners Special Berched Chicken, with salad and fries

NOTE: Price for THIS EVENT ONLY includes tip.

May 14th

Pho Horn’s
50 Ann Mary St. Pawtucket, RI

Demo: Traditional Vietnamese Crepe
Meal: A varied selection of Vietnamese appetizers of Crispy Spring rolls, Fresh summer Rolls, Little Neck Soup, Vietnamese Crepe, and Shrimps on Pineapple followed by a dinner choice of Lemongrass w/ beef, tufo or chicken, Pho Noodle soup, or Vermicelli w/ shrimp, pork or beef. Beverage of Bubble Tea.

May 21

China Inn
285 Main St., Pawtucket, RI

Demo: Egg / Spring Rolls
Meal: Orange Chicken, Pork Fried Rice, String Beans in Brown Sauce

June 4th

Doherty’s East Avenue Irish Pub
342 East Ave., Pawtucket, RI

Demo: Traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner
Meal : Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner

June 11th

Diamond Hill Vineyards
3145 Diamond Hill Rd, Cumberland, RI

Enjoy a sampling of Diamond Hill Vineyard’s award-winning wines and nibble assorted crackers, cheese and fruit. Cap off the evening with a glass of your favorite Diamond Hill Vineyard wine as you tour the gift shop.

June 18th

Central Falls Provision Co.
847 High St., Central Falls, RI

Demo: Tour facility and Smoke House
Meal: Kielbasa, Pierogi, Golumki, Rye Breads & More! Plus a trivia contest with prize!

June 25th

Blackstone Valley Explorer Sunset Cruise

5:15 Tour (top tix.com)

6:15 Tour (bottom tix.com)

35 Madeira Avenue, Central Falls, RI
Clamcakes, chowder and a cold drink followed by a 45 minute narrated tour on the Blackstone Valley Explorer.


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