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February 18, 2016 (Pawtucket Times)
Blackstone Culinaria kicking off new year at Lincoln’s Thai Fusion
Amanda Plante placed a stiff, textured piece of Three Ladies Brand rice paper into a pan of water, flipping it over and over until it softened. She wore gloves coated in olive oil to keep the moistened rice paper from sticking to her hands.

July 27, 2015 (Pawtucket Times)
Ballpark Foodies Get Big Taste of McCoy
A group of curious patrons on Saturday afternoon toured McCoy Stadium, learning about the history of the Pawtucket Red Sox franchise and the ballpark, before dining on fare that went well above and beyond the standard peanuts and Cracker Jack you would typically see at a ballgame.  More

May 10, 2014 (Boston Globe)
Chicken, it’s what’s for dinner at Wright’s Farm
The culinary students were not impressed. But the travel and tourism majors tended to see the bigger picture. I was eating lunch at Wright’s Farm Restaurant with 33 Johnson & Wales University students — and about a thousand other diners. We were having what they were having: family-style chicken. Every year Bob Billington, an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales who is also president of the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, takes his Ecotourism students to Wright’s Farm to experience this uniquely northern Rhode Island tradition. The focus of the course is sustainable tourism, he said, noting that the Blackstone Valley is just now emerging from the grave it dug itself into over the last century by destroying its natural resources in the name of industrial progress. And part of sustainable tourism is the effort to preserve cultural traditions. More

November 12, 2013 (Valley Breeze)
Secret Ingredient Food Tours stop at a different restaurant each week 
The Blackstone Valley Tourism Council continues its Secret Ingredient Food Tours this fall with venues featuring weekly "behind the scenes" public participation events at restaurants and food establishments in the Blackstone Valley.  More

August 12, 2013 (Rhode Island Monthly)
Blackstone Culinaria A&W Experience
On a hot July day, cars pull up in front of the Smithfield A&W and turn their lights on for service. While customers wait in the cool confines of air-conditioned automobiles, servers take orders from drivers' side windows and deliver burgers, fries and root beers on trays. The A&W is the last surviving car hop in Rhode Island and it has operated on Route 44 since 1960. Families have flocked here for generations, and not much has changed since mom and dad first came here for dates. More

July 9, 2012 (GoLocal Prov)
Summer Food Touring in the Blackstone Valley
While you may think that summer food in Rhode Island is all about the Bay, think again. Blackstone Valley is home to one of the most original behind-the-scenes food tours, and there's a whole summer's worth of events, kicking off July 11. More

April 3, 2012 (Boston Globe)
Food Tours Wind Through Blackstone Valley
By popular demand, the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council in Rhode Island is again sponsoring the "Secret Ingredient Food Tour," with spring venues featuring weekly behind-the-scenes events for the public at a number of eateries in the historic Blackstone Valley. The weekly tours, held on Wednesday nights from 6-8 p.m., give participants a chance to sample a wide range of ethnic food and cultural cuisine of the valley, through live demos and meals. Cost for most is $19.50 per person, not counting tax and tip. The tour kicks off April 4 and runs through June 27, and will teach stuff like how to make chicken piccata, Japanese hibachi treats, Mexican fare, French puff pastry, Greek spanikopita, oven-grilled pizza, Irish egg roll and more. On July 13, the making of A & W Root Beer will be explained at a great old-fashioned root-beer stand up in Greenville, and on June 27, the tour wraps up with a sunset cruise on the Blackstone Valley Explorer, where participants can munch on clam cakes and chowder. Spots fill quickly and reservations are urged. More

August 16, 2011 (Woonsocket Patch)
Culinaria: Feast With New Friends At Kevin's Galley
Kevin's Galley is the latest stop on an ongoing food tour organized by the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, a group the pitches northern Rhode Island's ...More

July 30, 2011 (Woonsocket Patch)
Patch Passport - Dining Around the World
Do you want to get out of the kitchen, but are bored of the same old places you always go to? Want some fresh ideas for tasty meals? Then the Patch Passport can help. We have assembled a list of local places with international flavors. Try one out and let us know what you think. Bon Appetit! More

January 12, 2011 (Providence Journal)
Secret Ingredient’ tours offer look ‘behind the scenes’
The Blackstone Valley Tourism Council has a new Blackstone Culinaria “Secret Ingredient Food Tour” for Winter 2011, featuring weekly “behind the scenes” public-participation events at restaurants and food establishments. Each dining experience is $19.50 plus gratuity. Each event is held on Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. Participants are urged to book ahead online. Call (401) 724-2200 or use this website.  More

July 18, 2010 (Providence Journal)
Stepping out Blackstone Valley eateries feature feast of ethnicity
If you mix the rich cultures of immigrant groups with some of Blackstone Valley’s fine restaurants, you’ll find some of the best eating experiences in Rhode Island. The Blackstone Culinaria — The Secret Ingredient Food Tour began in 2009 and has since hosted 48 restaurants. It has drawn more than 1,000 people from all around New England to the region and has netted roughly $20,000 in revenue to the local economy, according to Blackstone Valley Tourism Council special projects manager Donna Houle. More

July 10, 2010 (GoLocalProv)
Celebrating Tastes of Blackstone Valley - You can keep the faux-international Epcot, I'm taking the Blackstone Valley. More

April 7, 2010 (Valley Breeze)
Want local chefs' secrets?

November 12, 2009 (Providence Journal)
A tasty ‘second home’ in old mill building - Roshina Restaurant has been transformed by owner Rosinha Almeida into an elegant restaurant. More


All tours are 6 - 8 pm unless otherwise indicated.

Book online or cal 401-724-2200. Cost for most events is $21.50 per person plus gratuity